1. Access the My Booth tab in the virtual event hub

Once receiving access to the event via email, click the Access the Account button found in your email to finish signing up & setting your password. If you do NOT have a password yet, just enter one to create one.

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the Reset Password option. This will send you an email that allows you to reset your password.

Once logged in, the My Booth tab will open in the virtual event hub. This is where you can start updating your booth information, add other exhibitor admins and lead retrievers to your booth, access all the leads generated in your booth, chat with leads and products to your booth (this last feature is still on beta, you will be able to add items, but it won’t show up on your booth yet.)

2. Update your Booth Information

Click the Company Details tab to start updating your company information.

Add any of the following options to your booth:

Logo: We suggest a 700×350 pixel image for optimal fit. The required file formats are PNG or JPG. Click here to learn more about Accelevents Optimal Dimensions.

Live Stream URL: Add the link to your Zoom meeting. Exhibitor booth live streaming needs to be hosted on an outside platform. Zoom is the only live streaming platform currently supported. if this feature is not available, you may contact the event organizer to enable this for you. Click here to learn more about Live Streaming as an Exhibitor.

Promo Video URL: Share a pre-recorded video with attendees visiting your booth. Common options are a company overview, a product demo, or a recording of a previously hosted live session. Please note, the video must be hosted on YouTube.

Exhibitor Description: Add a description of your company/organization. Who are you? What do you provide?

Offer & Offer Link: In the Offer area, add a special deal, discount, or reward for booth visitors. A common option here would be a discount on a product or service for event attendees.

Social Links: Include links to your social media so that interested attendees can stay up to date with your organization.

Documents Available to Attendees: This is the area where you can provide any resources for attendees visiting your booth to view & download. Files here must be a PDF, DOC, DOCX, or DOCXX format. File size can be up to 10mb and up to 20 files per exhibitor.


3. Add Exhibitor Admins and Lead Retrievers

Click the Team tab to add new members to your exhibitor booth. Click the + New Staff button and enter the team member’s information, once added, the team member should receive an email to access the booth.

Exhibitor Admins: will have access to set up & edit booth details and can also act as lead retrievers.

Lead Retrievers: act as company representatives for the attendees & are available to live chat from within the booth. They will not have access to update/change booth details.

4. Add Leads / View Lead

Click the Lead tab to add leads or view the leads generate in your booth. This tab will be useful to you on the day of the event to see the attendees that engaged in your booth. You can manually add a new lead by clicking the + New Lead button and enter the information you’ve gathered.


5. Chat With a Lead

If you’re still just setting up your booth, you won’t be able to chat with leads yet. The attendees will only be able to enter your booth on the day of the event. To view the messages from attendees and reply to them, click the Chat with a lead tab.


6. Add Products

You will be able to add your products, a description, pricing, and images that will be visible to your booth visitors!